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Rino Art District

Went out this morning with Anne T and her See like a photographer meetup group to the Rino Art District. There’s lots of interesting images that could be made there. I was glad to be part of a group shooting this morning. Since this group was large, Anne broke us up into 3-5 person teams. She gave us some suggestions of what to look for. I choose Roy G Biv, or all the colors of the rainbow. After finding that, I went out to just see what was around.
jstachowski-20160528--Email-3After I finishing cleaning up this image, I thought of Ocean Gypsy by Renaissance.
In this case, I was much more inspired by the color, rather than wanting to shoot this in infrared.


Photo Workshops

A few weeks ago, I went to the Great Smokies National Park with Tony Sweet. We were blessed by good weather. Tony and Susan Milestone are great folks to take a workshop from. In addition to being familiar with terrain at the workshop, they’re very interested in finding ways that you can advance as a photographer. One of the avenues that Tony introduced me to, was infrared photography.
This shot, was a infrared pan at Foothills Parkway. As Tony pointed out, infrared is wonderful to bring out the texture in the clouds.  I like the clouds but I also enjoy the patterns of light in valley below.

This was 8 pictures stitched together, and the camera that Tony let me use was a LifePixel converted super color Nikon D800 with a Really Right Stuff panning head.