Fine Art Floral Photography

Since I’ve spent some time doing floral photography I came to the conclusion that I should take a class on it.  So I’m taking Fine Art Floral Photography from Tony Sweet through BetterPhoto.  Tony’s work is inspirational.  You can find Tony’s site at http://www/

This is a picture from the Tropical Room at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  I was using my monopod, with the D800 and the macro lens.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens

It was a good day to take pictures there. Being the second day of Spring, in Denver it was snowing outside. Other folks had the same idea, there was a cyberpunk group, that were delighted to be in the Tropical Room.

Tony made the comment, that there are two types of folks take up floral photography. Folks who can get extremely specific about the subject, and those who just take the pictures because they’re pretty. I fall into the second class. While my grandmother could have told you everything about the flowers including how to grow them. Her backyard during the summers was always abloom.