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Waiting for the right time

   This morning when I was photographing I was struck by a comment by Tim Cooper, that much of landscape photography is waiting for the right clouds.  I was out with the American Photo Treks crew this morning and the clouds didn’t cooperate with us.

About the time the the core of Milky Way was about to rise the clouds rolled in. But we took pictures and waited, and almost when the moon was about to rise, the clouds were somewhat more favorable. Not perfect, but better than it was earlier.

2 Responses to Waiting for the right time

  1. Carol says:

    Perhaps, but the clouds are a beautiful element that conveys the location of the dreamer looking into the vastness of our galaxy.

  2. Me says:

    Absolutely wonderful. The clouds add demension that we humans can associate with, more so than the infinite galaxy. It looks like an artist painted the clouds, to contrast the stars!

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