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Rose Garden Photography in Littleton

Went out at the start of the month with the Front Range Photography meetup group to take pictures of roses. Here’s one of the pictures.

War Memorial Roses in Littleton

War Memorial Roses in Littleton

If you haven’t tried meetup groups, they’re a good way to get out and take pictures of things that you don’t normally shoot. I find that if I have a specified time to get out and take pictures with other folks, I tend not to reschedule photographic expeditions. And the Front Range Photography group is good to do this with. They have a good mix of skills, so if you’re completely confused you can get help. Or if you like to help others, you can enjoy helping someone else. I belong to about 4 meetup groups and if you have a variable schedule no one cares if you only show up at rare intervals.

I was probably a bit amusing to others, since I was using shoot through umbrella to take this picture. So I was using one hand on the camera, and the other on the umbrella to provide shade. Thankfully though, I did have my tripod.

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