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Merry Christmas

   I originally was going to title this, Keeping True to Your Concept.  But since it’s Christmas today…

Last week, I took a class from Mike’s Camera talking about Exposure Values.  One of their sales associates/instructors, Joe Klocek,  was telling me that the night photography class was an advanced class that they taught. Since I like night photography, I thought I’d take that class.

While I was walking around with the rest of class, I was trying to figure out what these Christmas festivities meant to me.  As another of my instructors said, you should photograph what interests you.  So I was walking around with the class reminiscing about decorating the Christmas tree, and realized that the lights were my thing.  So I looked at the trees, and thought why not a simple composition, just the lights and the trees.  So I took this picture.  There were other things in the background, but I was focused on something simple.

It’s easy to expand the subject here, since there was lots of multicolor lights in the background, but I finally just said, no, this was my original concept, so I will stick to it. 

There were other photos I took that night that I was happy with, but this was the concept that stuck with me.  Those other photos are posted on Facebook, but I really don’t have much to say about them.

This leads to a discussion of night photography.  There are folks who specialize in Astro-Landscape photography, but currently I feel more of a calling to urban night photography. 

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