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Last night I went with the Metro Denver Digital Photography Learning group to do some macro work.  I ended up using a technique that Tony Sweet was teaching in his Fine Art Floral Photography Course from BetterPhoto.  Note:  I don’t think the course is offered anymore.

Here, I was experimenting with combining multiple shots into one. In the Nikon D810, you can combine multiple shots into one raw image. You could do this in photoshop, but it’s easier to do in the camera. The nice thing is that with the auto gain option it makes it easier to adjust, or in this case not adjust.

I don’t think I would call this journalism, but this is what it looked like out of the camera. However if you shoot in raw, you have to post process your photos.

And for the folks who want to know the particulars of this image. I used my 70-200 at about 200 mm about as close I could get.

If you want to know more about the technique, Kathleen Clemons teaches it in her “Creating Painterly Photographs” class on Creative Live.

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