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Lightroom 6 HDR

I noticed that Jason Odell has a course on HDR with Lightroom CC. While I was watching his course I noticed that I had been to many of the sites he was using as examples in the course, so I got inspired to try some of his techniques. Here’s a shot that I reprocessed with Lightroom 6 HDR.

Miramount Castle Sewing Machine

Miramount Castle Sewing Machine

My grandmother had a sewing machine that looked just like this one, so it was good to see this one.

I’ve found in some cases that the Lightroom 6 HDR is easier to get a natural looking picture. I have noticed that Lightroom 6 HDR needs the raw nef files out of my Nikon D800 rather than the dng files out of DXO Optics Elite.

One of the advantages of using Lightroom 6’s HDR is that the HDR file it creates is a raw file, so if you want to apply camera profiles, or would like to deal with smaller files, it works well for that.  Lightroom 6’s HDR doesn’t do well with lots of movement, and currently is unable to do very stylized HDRs.  I will continue to use HDR Efex Pro 2 for that.

There are two styles of HDR. The first, which I tend to like,  is trying to extend the dynamic range of my camera just a little bit more. The second is a stylized view with lots of extra micro contrast.

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