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Doors Open Denver – 2015

Went out to Doors Open Denver and ended up going to the Bovine Metropolis Theatre.

Improv School

Improv School

When I set up my home theatre, I wanted to decorate it with something other than movie posters, so I have a picture of a theatre in it. In the past, I’ve only been able to take pictures of the outside of theatres, so Doors Open Denver provided a good opportunity to get inside one.

A bit about the Bovine Metropolis Theatre, in addition to being a theatre, it’s also a comedy school. For this picture, I had borrowed from a friend a 14-24 lens and used auto iso to make it easier to concentrate on the content of the photo itself.

I also went out to one of the guided tours at Doors Open Denver, where they spoke about the lighting at Union Station, the DaVita headquarters and the Millennium Bridge. The Doors Open Denver folks lost their primary sponsor, the City and County of Denver and it was only the guided tours and the volunteers that kept them running. The price of the tour was very minimal, and I recommend taking a tour next year.

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