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Denver Chalk Art Festival 2015

Sunday I went to the the Denver Chalk Art Festival in Larimer Square.  With our recent rains, it’s been a bit of challenge for the artists with some of them redoing their art three times (as of 2 PM on Sunday.)  One of the things that intrigues me is how much of their work involves getting chalk on the hands, their clothes, as well as on the pavement.

jstachowski-20150607-546-Email I have a number of pictures of the artists working on their artwork, but decided to approach some of them directly, explaining that I wanted to photograph their hands. Everyone of the artists who I approached were happy to let me take pictures of their hands. As I said to them, your brain is where the magic happens, but your hands are equally magical.

To paraphrase Brooks Jensen from Lenswork Magazine, no one gets camera shy about getting their hands photographed.  And in this case, they all understood what I was after,

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