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Dawn Patrol

I went out with the American Photo Treks folks to take pictures of the Cranes at Monte Vista and get a few Milky Way shots. This was a morning to appreciate having a long lens since we couldn’t get that close to Cranes.
Since we were up to take pictures of the Milky Way, it was no problem to get dawn pictures. Here I was using my 80-400mm lens.
Typically the Cranes start their day by going to the water, then afterwards finding food in the prairie, and ending up their day by going back to the water.
All of the photographers were speculating what the cranes must have thought with that line of photographers all pointing their long lenses at them.

When we were staying in Monte Vista, we stayed in a Best Western that had a novel concept. They had a drive in theatre next store, and the rooms all had the names of movie stars associated with them. They had a tie with drive in, where you had an audio feed of the movie and you could listen to the movie and watch from your room.

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  1. It was a fun event. I even got to enjoy watching The Intern from my room that night!

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