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Colorado Springs Balloon Classic – Balloon Glow

Went out to photograph the Balloon Glow at the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic last night.

Balloon Glow

Balloon Glow

This was an exercise in patience, since only when the balloon was illuminated would the auto focus work. And they only had the burners fired up for a few seconds at a time, so that the balloon wouldn’t fly into the night. I tried manual focus as well, but found that with the D800 and Nikon 24-70 the focus was fast enough.
This is one of the differences between doing night photography in an urban setting verses being out in the wild. In an urban setting, typically you can get your autofocus system to work, and then you go to manual focus for a static scene. Photographing by the light of the moon, or just with starlight, it really helps to have a laser pointer, or a lens that focuses well at the infinity setting.
I wanted to go out this year for the Balloon Classic since this is scheduled to be the last year in Colorado Springs. The folks on the news this morning said that there was a chance that it would be sold and the balloons would be back. But right now, it’s the last weekend.

This was with Efrain Cruz’s Illuminate Workshops Night Crawlers group. There were a few folks that had taken pictures at the balloon glow, which I was not one. So it was nice to have Efrain’s suggestions on what settings to start with, before I started to experiment.

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