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Holiday lights part 2

Tonight I went out with the Denver Photo Hikers for my last round of capturing the the holiday lights for the 2016 Season.

Here I was using my 16-35 lens.


Sunset at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Tonight I went to the Denver Botanic Gardens, and saw this flower.

Since I had never seen one of the petals curled like that, it interested me. And it was late enough in the evening that the light was just gorgeous.


Macro Photography – Denver Botanic Gardens

One of the problems with Macro Photography is getting the backgrounds right. Some folks will solve this by bringing their own background and placing it behind the subject.  Tony Sweet suggests taking pictures of out of focus flowers and bringing the picture.  Other folks I know will just bring dark cloth.
Orchid at Denver Botanic GardensIn this shot, I solved it by getting very close, and using the flower itself as the background.
My plans that day, was to shoot some flowers to experiment with montages.  When I arrived at Denver Botanic Gardens, I discovered that they are holding an Orchid Showcase.  If you like photographing Orchids, they have a photo contest going on.

While this Orchid isn’t a good candidate for a montage, I have other shots that will work for that and will post one when I get a good one.



A Good Way to Start the Morning – Chihuly Glass

This was a great way to start my day. Yesterday was the class where we took pictures of the Chihuly glass at Dawn.

Monet Pond

Monet Pond

We started our day at the Monet Pond. This was just one of the sculptures there, but the light was right for this one. As Scott Dressel-Martin, official photographer for the Denver Botanic Gardens, said without clouds the sunrise in Denver goes extremely fast.

The class went well. If you’re interested in the Chihuly glass at dawn, Scott has another class at dawn on September 13th. One of the advantages of shooting with Scott, is he will make suggestions on good places to take pictures. If you do this, you probably want a tripod. There are a few other opportunities to photograph early without an instructor.

As one person I know said, these sculptures reminds you an alien creature.
This particular sculpture is the Monet Pond Fiori. Or if you’re like me and keep flipping the map over, it’s the Flores en Estanque de Monet.

I remain impressed with integration of the Dale Chihuly’s work with the surroundings.