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Studio Lighting Classes

Last night I took a class from Bill Murphy, Digital Photography Lighting Basics Workshops.  He had a mixed group, some folks who had lots of experience and some who were getting started. Bill has a nice instructional style, and while others were concentrating on the lighting, I was also picking up posing tips.

Here we able to slow down the shutter, and since the majority of the light was coming from the strobe allow the hair to fly out while stopping her motion. I was using back button focus, so the camera didn’t go crazy trying to find focus.

I was testing out some gear yesterday, but not in this shot. This is my reliable Nikon 24-70.

I agree with Thom Hogan, being willing to take classes leads to better photography more than just buying new gear. Of course buying new gear can lead you to new capabilities.


Harvey Stein – street photography

Tonight, I went to an opening of some street photography by Harvey Stein.  He had an amazing eye for people, and the show is at the Robert Anderson gallery in Cherry Creek.

I had a chance to ask him, if it was getting any easier in the modern day, and he mentioned it was a little more difficult, since many people now want to know what the pictures will be used for. I should have guessed in the days of Facebook, more people are concerned about how a stranger will use their image.

He had some books of his images, but had printed some prints of the gallery. The silver prints just looked stunning in comparison to the images in the book. I would have been happy with the images in the book, if I hadn’t seen the prints.

His work was inspiring, so I did a little street photography myself. I was more interested in the architecture.

These photos were done with my Fuji X100T, which has a much more retro user interface. These are jpegs out of the camera in the film emulation mode.

My father always was interested in maps, so if he was still alive I could see him in this shoppe. Come to think of it, I might find it worth while to explore it as well.



Georgetown Loop

Last week my sister and I made it up to the Georgetown Loop for a train ride in the mountains.  They’ve changed their rolling stock since I was last up there.  Here’s a picture I took with my little micro 4/3rds camera.

Georgetown Loop maintenance facility

Georgetown Loop maintenance facility

I experimented a bit with Tonality Pro for this shot. I’ll post more shots as I get more familiar with it.