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Watch where you walk…

This morning I went to the butterfly pavilion to take pictures with the Front Range Photography group. We went in early so that we could use tripods, but one of the things that impressed me, was that the butterflies would land anywhere.

So you had to be careful of where you were going to step. It was nice that the butterflies had no fear of humans, but I wanted to be sure I would not do any harm.

Breakfast upside down


Star Stacking in Ramah

Went out this weekend with the American Photo Treks guys to do some star stacking and try out a star trekker.

Ramah Colorado

I had been watching Dave Morrow’s videos about doing this, but Ken Childress had some good tips about doing this. Dave M had mentioned that the accurate setting in photo tips was what we needed to be using so I was using a 5 second exposure. Here I stacked 11 shots.

Here I was stacking fewer shots (so a bit more noise) but I exposed for the foreground more.