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Happy Halloween – Denver Zombie Crawl

About a week ago, the Denver Zombie Crawl happened on the 16th street mall. It’s always interesting to take pictures at events like these, since these folks want their picture taken. This year the estimate was 35,000 people. I only saw a few costumes there that looked store bought. On the other hand there were many folks were looking at their smart phones. The fellow below looked more in character.

Denver Zombie Crawl

Denver Zombie Crawl

I’m not sure who this fellow was, but I was glad to see him in the daylight rather than the twilight.

I was out with the Southwest Photo Team for this photo event. It was nice to be out there with this group, since for few of folks, this was a repeat event. So they suggested both areas to stand and let the crowd come to us, and had suggested camera settings. Kudos to Bob Strle, he definitely knew his stuff.


Event Photography at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest

Event photography at an audio show can be interesting. Both for the light levels at the show, and for the artistry of some of the devices.

Many folks tend to want to run low light levels, both because it’s one less source of heat in the room and in some cases they want to do some artistic lighting themselves. So the question is how to light the equipment and the folks who are at the show. The best solution I found was to use a fabric ring flash, which provided an even quality of light. It did tend to draw attention to the ring flash, some folks thought I was assembling a drum.  And it was light enough that it was easy to carry.

Since many folks exhibiting at the show are pushing the state of the art, you will find in some rooms equipment that’s artistically interesting.

Not a box speaker at RMAF 2014

Not a box speaker

Salvador Dali might interpret speakers as looking like this. And in terms of resonances, it would be radically different.